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Fresh out of the art academy in Utrecht I made the award winning film BEK (aka Beak).
Since my debut film I have been directing and animating a variety of independent and commissioned productions.

Directness, figuration, characters and duality, are almost always the basic elements in my work which consist of drawings, moving images and animations. In my drawings and animations I manipulate the reality to see what is beneath the surface of life. There is always tension between the dreamy and analytical thinking. The characters I make are almost always outcasts and alone.
My work is full of emotion and expression, not dry, cool nor rational. Empathy plays a big roll.

Through the years I have developed a personal approach and imagery. My drawings are in many respects forceful and consistent. I usually work with an acrylic marker or pen and ink, so that the directness remains clearly visible. There is no room for hesitation.

If you have any questions please get in touch.
Thanks for your time.

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