Through you – Anim’ est, Bucharest, special mention from Grand Jury.
– The BLEND award at MIAF (Melbourne) 2014. The BLEND Symposium is a detailed, multi-faceted series of presentations looking at the way live-action characters are BLENDED into animated architecture. This program features a number of films that exemplify the different ways skilled and creative animators all over the world are blending the real and the animated. Carefully selected from the 2900 MIAF entries. 

Bek – The jury of the Reanimacja 2005 Festival in Poland awarded BEAK with a ‘distinction’
– First prize at Animacor Animated Film Festival (Spain) for Best Short Film 2005
– Prize for Best Animation Film at FIKE Evora Film Festival (Portugal), november 2005


Through You

SFO Museum, Video Arts program, San Francisco, US, Februari 2018

Next on Tour 2015, Romania, national tour of the festival
Istanbul Int. Short Film Festival, Turkey, 2014
Cairo Panorama of the European Film, Egypt, 2014
Braunschweig international Film Festival, Germany, 2014, short film music award LEO
Fantoche Internationales Festival für AnimationFilm, Switzerland, 2014
Hiroshima Animated Festival, Japan, 2014, Best of the world
Animator2014, 7th international Animated Film Festival, Poznan, Poland, 2014, final competition
Anima Mundi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2014, short films
SICAF, Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival, South Korea, 2014, official competition
SIFF, Sydney Film Festival, Australia, 2014
MIAF, Melbourne international Festival, Australia, 2014, competition
7th Fest Anca, Zilina, Slovakia, 2014, world panorama
Setúbal Int. Film Fest. Festoai, Portugal, 2014
Northwest Animation Festival, Portland, OR, US, 2014
International Film Festival Ciné-Jeune de l’Aisne, France, 2014, official competition
Laon International Film Festival for Young People, France, 2014
VAFI, Varazdin, Croatia, 2014, senior competition
NEXT international Film Festival Bucharest, Romania, 2014, special programm
CIFFR Curacao International Film Festival Rotterdam, Willemstad, Curacao, 2014
NYICFF New York International Children’s Film Festival, New York, US, 2014, official competition
Cortoons Festival, Rome, Italy, 2014, official competition
Tricky Women, Vienna, Austria, 2014, special program
HAFF, the Netherlands, Utrecht, 2014, dutch animation
Animated Exeter, United Kingdom, 2014, competition
Nieuwjaarsduik Culturele Zondag, the Netherlands, 2013
ETIUDA&ANIMA, Krakow, Poland, 2013, competition
Animated Dreams festival, Talinn, Estonia, 2013, panorama
Klik, Amsterdam animation festival, Netherlands, 2013, dutch delights
Suikerzoet Film Festival, Netherlands, 2013
Cinekid festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2013, screeningclub
Anime’est, international animation festival, Bucharest, Romania, 2013, international short competition
Imaginaria, Conversano, Italy, 2013, official selection
Nederlands Filmfestival, Netherlands, 2013, international premiere, goudenkalf competition


FESTIVALS who selected Display and Chairlady.

Display, London International Animation Festival, international competition, 2010.
Display, Bilbao, Animabasauri-Animabasque, Official 35mm Short Film Selection 2010.
Display, Nice-filmfest, France, 2010
Display, Go Short International Film Festival, 2010.
Display, MONSTRA Animated Film Festival, Lisabon 2010.
Display, Vilnius international Animation Festival Tindirindis, 2009 .
Display, Belgrado Balkanima International Animated Festival, 2009 .
Display, Leids Film Festival, 2009.
Display, Utrecht Holland Animation Film Festival HAFF, 2009.
Display, Utrecht, The Netherlands Film Festival, 2009.
Display, St.Petersburg, Message to Man Festival, 2009.
Chairlady (de werkster), Bristol Poetry Festival screens from the Poetry/ Art project Classic, 2008
Chairlady (de werkster), ZEBRA PoetryFilm Festival, Berlin, 2006
Chairlady (de werkster), Klik, Amsterdam animation festival, NL, 2007
Chairlady (de werkster), Nederlands film festival, 2006
Chairlady (de werkster), HAFF, Holland animation festival, 2006

was released in October 2004 and has since then played on the following festivals:

Melbourne Int. Animation Film Festival (Australia)
Odense International Film Festival (Denmark)
Zebra, World-wide Poetry Film Award (Germany)
Nederlands Film Festival (Netherlands)
I Castelli Animati – International Animated Film Festival (Italy)
Amiens International Film Festival (France)
Gijón International Film Festival for Young People (Spain)
Tehran International Animation Festival (Iran)
ANIMA Festival du Dessin Animé et du Film d’Animation (Belgium)
Anifest Trebon, Prague (Czech Republic)
Anima Mundi – International Amination Festival of Brazil (Brazil)
KROK International Animation Festival Kiev (Ukraine)
Rencontres Internationales du Cinema d’Animation de Wissembourg (France)
Future Film Festival – Le nuove Tecnologie del Cinema d’Animazione (Italy)
PISAF (South Korea)
LIAF London International Animation Film Festival (United Kingdom)
Zlín Int. Film Festival for Children and Youth (Czech Republic)
Fearless Tales Festival San Frabsisco (USA)
Festival Animacji ReAnimacja (Poland)
Indie Lisboa Film Festival (Portugal)
FICA Algarve Int. Film Festival (Portugal)
Cordoba Animation Film Festival Jornadas de Animacion (Argentina)
FIKE Evora Int. Short Film Festival (Portugal)
Olympia Film Festival for Children and Young People (Greece)
Balkanima Int. Film Festival (Serbia & Montenegro)
Animacor, Animation festival Cordoba (Spain)
Taipei International Children’s TV & Film Festival (Taiwan)
Bologna Future Film Festival, (Italy)
Neum International Working Animated Film Festival, (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Sousse Film Festival, FIFEJ, (Tunisia)
Stuttgart International Animation Festival, (Germany)
New York, The rooftop films summer series. Rooftopfilms (USA)
Basauri International Animated Film Festival, Animabasauri, (Spain)
Hiroshima International Animation Film Festival, (Japan)
La Ciotat Best of Short Film Festivals, (France)
Vilnius Int. Animation Film Festival ‘Tindirindis’, (Lithuania)
Wiesbaden International Weekend of Animation, (Germany)
Copenhagen Kun.Kortfilm International Short Film Festival, (Denmark)
Lublin Shortly Speaking… Dutch, (Poland)
Tel Aviv Animation Festival, (Israel)
Bucharest AnimEST International Animation Festival, (Romenia)
Brighton, PaperbackLady, (United Kingdom)
Firrenze, Sonar International Film Festival, (Italy)
Tokyo, Holland Film Festival, (Japan)