2013-2014 Hybrid Being

This work consist of large black and white drawings that depict human animal hybrids.

For these series of drawings I was influenced by fetuses and specimens in spirits from the 19th-century private anatomical collection of Gerard and Willem Vrolik on display in the Museum Vrolik in Amsterdam. Dead, but still existent. Floating forever in spirits.
I compose the drawings out of photo’s and little sketches which I made from these specimens. These form a new image from which new meanings can be derived. In a disturbing way the creatures in my drawings also represent the future. Could these creatures exist? Technologies required for their existence are already part of our world, genetic engineering, biotechnology, cloning.
I draw them larger then life which makes them more impressive and grotesque. Much of my attention goes to the skin, the hairs and fur. The works are detailed and dynamic with a emphasis on the interplay of lines and movement of lines.
The fable-like beings in these drawings are alive. They have their eyes open. I left their surroundings white and empty. They are not in a specific world. They are simply being themselves and on their own.
Sometimes the drawings enclose elements like those which are used in vanitas to emphasize their vulnerability. Like a bubble and flowers.
By drawing them this way I want to provoke an emotional reaction. I want these beings to disturb you even as you warm to them, or vice versa. They are both endearing and monstrous, mixed emotional charge. I want the freaky to be in a way comforting. I want them to be something special in their incorrectness.

Selection (six out of a twelve)
Acrylic marker on paper
100cm – 150cm

















































































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